Below I’m sharing some of my favourite Canadian and international accessories brands. A maple leaf emoji next to the brand name denotes either a Canadian company or a global company that ships from within Canada. I have a few referral codes below for discounts so be sure to check those out. Happy browsing!



100 Ways 🍁

100 Ways is an online fine jewellery reseller that has an enormous selection of secondhand fine jewellery at 50-90% less than it would cost to buy new. If you are a fan of fine jewellery but don’t have the budget for new, this is an excellent alternative. I have personally purchased from them and it was a great experience.

Automic Gold

A size-inclusive US-based fine jewellery brand with a large selection of designs to choose from.

Awe Inspired

Awe Inspired is a jewellery brand focused on goddess-inspired sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces. I am a big fan of Awe Inspired and have a few of their pendants in my collection. You can use my referral link for 15% off your first purchase:


BIKO jewellery is designed and made in Toronto. The designs are modern and very cool.

Chouette Designs

A size-inclusive jewellery brand based in San Diego, California.

Folklor 🍁

Another great Canadian resource for secondhand fine jewellery.

Koemi Studio 🍁

A personal favourite of mine, Koemi Studio makes jewellery that gives a subtle nod to your favourite anime.

Jenny Bird 🍁

Jenny Bird is a well known Canadian statement jewellery brand.

Mejuri 🍁

Mejuri is a Canadian company that specializes in fine jewellery designed to be worn every day. They carry designs in 14K gold as well as sterling silver and gold vermeil.

Melanie Auld 🍁

Melanie Auld makes a wide variety of jewellery designs in 10K and 14K gold, as well as sterling silver and gold vermeil. Their charm collection is definitely worth a look.

Oleada Collection

A size-inclusive jewellery brand with lots of fun designs at a very reasonable price point.

Poppy Finch 🍁

This fine jewellery brand specializes in dainty designs.

Zaleska Jewelry 🍁

A size-inclusive jewellery brand based in Vancouver. Their designs are beautiful and unique.


ai Toronto Seoul 🍁

This vegan leather handbag brand is designed in Toronto and made in Korea.

Ela Handbags 🍁

Ela started life as a leather handbag brand, but has since switched to vegan materials. They are beautifully crafted and very affordable.

Lambert 🍁

Lambert is a Canadian vegan handbag brand. They have a ton of styles to choose from.

Opelle 🍁

Opelle is a made-in-Toronto luxury leather handbag label.

Poppy & Peonies 🍁

Another vegan handbag brand for the list! This brand has a lot of colourful designs to choose from.

Poppy Barley 🍁

Poppy Barley is a sustainable shoe and handbag brand based in Alberta. I own a few of their bags and small leather accessories and they are beautiful quality. You can use my referral link for $30 off your first purchase:

Zvelle 🍁

Zvelle is a shoe brand with a small selection of luxury bags.


Street & Saddle 🍁

In addition to their beautifully made clothing collection, Street & Saddle also makes leather belts in sizes up to 5X. They do custom sizing as well.

Unbelts 🍁

Made in Edmonton, Unbelts come in an array of colours and fit hips up to 54″ in the Classic style and 58″ in the Intrepid. (affiliate)


Sheertex 🍁

These no-rip tights are made in Canada and last pretty much forever. I own a few pairs and I can confirm that they really do not snag. They also wash incredibly well. I put mine in a delicate laundry bag in the washing machine and hang to dry.

Snag Tights 🍁

Snag makes tights in every colour imaginable, and in lots of fun prints as well. Sizing up to 34.

Thigh Society 🍁

Thigh Society makes anti-chafe shorts in sizes up to 6XL.

Thunda Thighs 🍁

If you’ve always wanted to wear thigh-high socks but thought it was impossible to find them in plus size, this is the brand for you.